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Uhealth interviewed by China Global TV
Uhealth news on CCTV during epidemic
Uhealth Medical Joined 2019 Hospitalar
Uhealth participated in the Brazil Hospitalar in May 2019 in the city of Sao Paulo. Our goal is to...
Uhealth Medical welcomed the host   (Tian Wei) from China Global TV station came to our factory....
Uhealth Medical Products Co.,Ltd hit the news of CCTV2: Half hour Economy..
Interviewed on 4/20/2020 at factory
Participated 2019 Hospitalar in Brazil
Broadcast in CCTV2- Half hour economy  
Our products are produced with below certifications:
Manufacture of disposable products: producing vinyl gloves, surgical gowns, disposable caps and masks, wipes and surgical kits, also include food industry required products.
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UHealth Joined 2019 Hostipalar
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