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Uhealth Live show on CGTV_April 30th 2020

Today, on April 30th, Uhealth Medical welcomed the host (TianWei) from China Global TV station came to our factory to give a livebroadcasting on the real life of face masks manufacture in Beijing.Now, with demand soaring, UhealthMedical factories have been working around the clock to produce evenmore. Join CGTN and Uhealth to find out how a face mask factory is dealing withthe increasing demand. For live show, click here to find out more

2020 Q1_Uhealth updates

Uhealth Medical Products Co.,Ltd hit the news of CCTV2: Half hour Economy, representedas one of the mask manufacture in China, producing millions of mask daily andshow its incredible speed of manufacturing capability.


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Uhealth Medical has produced more than 1.5 billions of facemasks, 300,000 N95 masksfrom end of January till today. At the very beginning, our company only had100,000 production capacity. With the huge support from local government,Uhealth brought in automated machines. Thanks China SINOPEC factory to provideus enough raw material PBT melt-blown nonwoven) . Without multi-channelssupport, we could not make it happened.


图片 2.png图片 2.pngFrom begging of virus outbreak till today, we have already updated 10 producinglines and our factory employee are increased from 20+ (in February) to 50 now.We are able to producing surgical mask 400,000 daily, and 30,000 N95 base oncurrent statistic.


Now, we are ready for supporting more products to export to overseas clients!


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+86 (010) 87927887
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Manufacture of disposable products: producing vinyl gloves, surgical gowns, disposable caps and masks, wipes and surgical kits, also include food industry required products.
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