UHEALTH Join 2019 Hospitalar
UHEALTH Join 2019 Hospitalar
In May 2019, Uhealth participated in the Hospitalar2019 in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The goal of our participation is to present our product lines and to officially announce the news of our Brazil office opening. The Sao Paulo office would be responsible for customer service toward to all Latin American countries; the office will be managed by the local team which has benefit of customer communication with Portuguese and Spanish languages. Leading by our CEO Max Zhang, the strategy of opening this local office would better support and facilitate the commercial relationship between China and all Latin American customer.

Said by Max Zhang, our CEO, "to build up a local team, we can better understand the market needs of our customers and be possible to providing customized solutions to address the local business. Also, it is good for us to ensure our quality of the business negotiations. We can help our customers by offering products and solutions more positive and effective.
Hospitalar event is the bridge of manufactures and customers. It drives the closer relationship between buyers and suppliers in the medical industry. Also it indicated through this centralized social platform, it is obvious to see the business growth among exhibitors. The Hospitalar targets audience covers all doctors from hospitals, nurses, medical administrators from clinics and laboratories; manufacturers, distributors which focus on medical products, students from medical school, also people from health or food industries.

This event is allow exhibitors (suppliers or manufactures) to presents of their advanced hospital or laboratory equipment, medical technology in emergency and transport, also the research in orthopedic and physiotherapy and pharmacy fields. It also cross multiple fields like medical facilities and buildings, furniture,uniforms, food and kitchen, surgical centers, medical consumer goods, trauma recovery and post-operative, homecare specialized medical literature.

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+86 010 8792 7887
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Fabricante de produtos descartáveis, luvas
de procedimento, avental cirúrgico, propé, wipe de limpeza, luva vinil, touca
descartável, máscara com fita, máscara com
tiras, kit cirúrgico e descartáveis para linha hospitalar e alimentícia.
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