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Seminar With BUCT

123.PNGUhealth Vice President Zhai Jingjing is invited to join the seminar of new material of facemask which is hold by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, collegue of Material Science and Engineering on June 30th 2020. The seminar would be ongoing to explore and research on the new technology development in protective product industry, and other seminar members are from BUCT and industry top corperates.

New factory in Heiei

On Jan.27th 2021, Uhealth Medical (Beijing) Products Co.,Ltd.have signed factory investment contract with Heibei WeiXian county. In order to produce more green and safer medical disposable product for personal protection,Uhealth Medical aim to establish the global brand worldwide with our high quality product. Our new manufactured factory have covered more than 60000 square meters,estimated production pieces over 200 millions/year,including all kinds of medical protective products to achieve annual production value over than $80 million/year.

No.11, 14th Ke Chuang Rd, RM128 BLD 2, Economic Development Area, Beijing, China
+8610 8792 7887
+8610 8792 7887
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Manufacture of disposable products: producing vinyl gloves, surgical gowns, disposable caps and masks, wipes and surgical kits, also include food industry required products.
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No.11, 14th Ke Chuang Rd, RM128 , BLD 2, Economic Development Area, Beijing, China
+8610 8792 7887
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